I love a good MMORPG and my Dad plays Eve Online. I’ve never been into it but often things that happen in video games can mirror real life. So when I saw this video about major changes to the Eve Online economy I was fascinated. The whole thing began when getting resources and building massive space ships (it’s a space game, just come with me on this) became too easy, it broke the digital economy. Eventually, stagflation set in with major alliances and long-time players controlling so many resources that smaller alliances, players, and new players would never be able to keep up. Sort of like when society lets billionaires run everything, enrich themselves, and box out the working class from advancing or improving their fortunes. Unlike the United States, Even has competent management and so they essentially nerfed the economy. Everything suddenly became more expensive and getting and keeping resources became more expensive as well. This has huge implications for players who spend real money (and lots of it) to get new and more powerful ships. The hope was that this would cause much of the stored resources that had been accumulated to start moving through the economy. It didn’t and players are leaving the game because its far too much work to invest in moving up in the game. What’s the cause of this? To find that out, watch this clever video that breaks it all down.