Why do Millennials hate baby boomers so much? It could be the way they have boxed millennials out of jobs, the housing market, having children, and then blamed them for everything going wrong in the country; but certainly, there must be more to it than that. As it turns out, not really. Millennials were raised with great hopes. The largest and most educated generation in American history is broke, holds a paltry 4% of national wealth, and has been walloped by the Great Recession and the Pandemic. The oldest of us are over 40 now and the slings and arrows keep coming from the very people who raised us. Is it a wonder that Millennials aren’t exactly thrilled with their parents and what they’ve done?

In this video, PBS Newshour does a deep dive into the inter-generational war between America’s largest generations. If this is a subject that fascinates you like it does me then this video is essential watching.