For history buffs, the comparisons between Rome of antiquity and the modern United States seem to write themselves. In this video, we seem to want to answer the question if America can fall like Rome. Most people think of the collapse of Rome as a traumatic and decisive thing. It was not. Although April 10, 410 A.D. is the date of the end of Rome, that wasn’t quite true. That was only somewhat true for the Western Roman Empire as the Roman army could not stop the advance of the German tribes. Rome had been in retreat for 100 years by the time that happened. Late Roman Emperors were often part German. The Eastern Roman Empire would go on for another 600 years making a variety of achievements that contribute to our lives today. The fall of Rome basically took centuries. Given how things are going in the United States, some sort of prolonged decline seems quite likely (see the UK) but while everyone is looking out for a violent and messy collapse, history teaches us that violent and rapid collapse is rare. It’s much more common for prolonged decay and rot to eventually cause the whole thing to come crashing down. I’d take this video with a grain of salt personally.