To anyone who has worked in politics and is frustrated with how the Democrats handle messaging, this video will not be a new concept. However, if you don’t really understand how political messaging works then this video is a must-watch. Getting people on-board with a new policy or a new idea often means couching it in the right terms.

This summer, when the “defund the policy” slogan became popular it immediately became a firebrand for the right who played up the fears that people would have to live without any law enforcement whatsoever. The push to defund the police has very little to do with abolishing police departments and has much more to do with who is sent out for what calls. We don’t need an armed officer when someone is having a mental health breakdown. We don’t necessarily need no-knock raids that can kill people at the wrong addresses. We need social services as much as we sometimes need armed police. If couched in just those terms, many people would agree with it but it was the “defund the police” slogan that became popular. Good policy couched in poor messaging often doesn’t get anywhere. In this conversation, Andrew Yang and Anand Giriharadas talk about how the Democrats get messaging wrong and how they can improve.