About Cameron

Welcome to The Cameron Journal! I’m excited to meet you (digitally anyway).  

If it’s your first time here and you’re trying to learn, “who is this guy?” then please keep reading!

I’m a writer, thinker, and human being who writes about things I see and feel. I also write quite a bit about politics. My background is in political science (shout out to the University of Northern Colorado and Norwich University!) and I’ve been involved in politics in some form most of my adult life. I got my start in Republican politics and was involved in Young Republicans. I’ve previously been Manager Editor of a conservative magazine and then in 2011 I moved to the left and started to become more liberal and leftist. Now I’m a confirmed west coast liberal.  

My favorite thing about writing is that through research you can talk about almost anything. I like to explain things to people and try to make sense of the world. That is my hope for all my readers is that you’ll come away with something very much lacking in modern political debate: context. 

Why Do I Write?

My artistic journey has taken several interesting twists and turns. I started out as a musician and I’ve worked in politics and ran magazines. For many artists the creative call a singular one. For me, I had to really choose to do this. There were other paths available to me. I could have had a PhD before I was 30 in my academic field. I could have pursued a corporate path. But instead, I chose to create. One of my first memories of this was a childhood writing group. Keep in mind that I could hardly articulate myself on paper at the time. From childhood, I knew that I wanted to write. At 12 years old I could not form a coherent sentence in the English language. But I had much to say and I wanted to write that down. By 17 I wanted to write articles, take adventures and perhaps be an essayist. College robbed me of much writing time and graduate school wasn’t much help either. During this time I put my attention towards making the written word pay by freelancing and doing copywriting work. It was hard and some of it didn’t pay well. However, the discipline of writing in that way is something that has served me well.

Books are one of the oldest forms of expression. Our digital age has changed the nature by which books are sold and who decides what books are sold; the book format remains an important part of media. Books are the record of our civilization and it is a privilege to contribute to that in any way possible. My work spans from an old form of creation to something that is new and still waiting to be understood by history.

Writing is a way to introduce new ideas and new concepts to people and slowly those words percolate into the general human consciousness that permeates us all. Eventually, ideas become like a virus and that virus spreads and infects our very souls and change results soon after. That is why do what I do. My creation is meant only to create ideas. I create these ideas through story, mostly the stories of the lived experiences of trauma and other events. Sometimes, the story around a trauma is too ele-gant or too easy. My characters have problems and I try to reflect how real people live those problems. Trauma does not take place in a bubble. I also like my work to expose how economic systems and other systems effect our lives in ways that we don’t always understand.

As a writer, if you are lucky, history might remember you and if you are really lucky, your thumbprint will remain on our human race for eternity.

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